Our firm uses both fixed fees and hourly fees for our cases. We will discuss the options we have and what is likely best for your case with you during the initial consultation. At the very bottom of this page is a link to an article on the average cost of a divorce in Arkansas. Generally, our fees for contested and uncontested cases fall into the ranges below.

Initial consultation – $80.00. The initial consultation usually lasts 20-30 minutes and we answer any questions you may have as well as advise you on how our team will help you during your case. We will also help you select a fee option that works best for you. Also, if you hire our firm then the initial consultation fee is refunded to you.

Fixed/Flat Fee – One of the major concerns that clients have when they hire an attorney is how much it will cost. The last few years at our firm we have moved towards flat or fixed fees for the majority of our cases in order to help with that concern. This means that the attorney’s fee for your entire case, from beginning to end, is told to you up front so you can make an informed decision on whether you would like to hire our firm or not. The usual range for flat/fixed fee cases with our firm is somewhere between $7,500.00 and $12,500.00. You will pay between $1,500.00 and $2,500.00 up front and then between $500.00 and $750.00 each month until the balance is paid. The complexity of your particular case will determine where you will end up on that range. If custody of the children is contested, significant property is involved, retirement is involved, possibility of alimony is involved, and other issues are contested then your fee is likely to be at the higher end of this range. However, if some or most of these issues are not involved in your case then you will likely be on the lower end of this range. Again, this will be discussed at the initial consultation and you will know exactly where you stand.

Hourly fees – Sometimes cases involve substantial assets and/or significantly more complex issues than other cases. These cases are billed hourly. Mr. Hickey’s time is billed at $300.00 an hour. Associate attorneys are billed at $150.00 an hour. We generally require a $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 retainer to begin work on these cases – this means you are paying for several hours in advance and we will pay your initial fees out of this retainer. We track all time that is spent on your case and your billing statement will be itemized.

Uncontested divorce – If you and your spouse have agreed on all the issues in your divorce, then you likely can proceed on an uncontested basis. This means that you and your spouse have decided when you will each have the children each week, how much child support will be paid, how your property will be divided, and how your debts will be divided. Let us know what the terms of the agreement are and then we will take it from there. We file the divorce, make sure your spouse has signed the official written version of the agreement (divorce decree) and then we will be with you the rest of the way through your final divorce hearing (which is just a formality in an uncontested divorce). Attorney’s fees and costs for an uncontested divorce are $1,165.00, which covers all attorney’s fees and court costs.

We hope this has helped with any questions you may have regarding billing at our firm. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about billing during your initial consultation with us.

Additionally, here is more information about the average cost of a divorce in Arkansas.