Divorce and Child Custody Issues

Divorce and Child Custody Issues

90% of our practice is centered around divorce and contested child custody matters.  If you have a contested divorce or child custody case, then you need an experienced Arkansas divorce attorney like Kevin to represent your interests. We have handled over 1,100 divorce and custody cases. If you live in the Arkansas River Valley (Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Greenwood) or Northwest Arkansas ( Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale), don’t hesitate to call Kevin if you are going through a divorce or having child custody or child support issues.

In Arkansas, when filing for divorce grounds are set as follows:

The circuit court has the power to dissolve and set aside a marriage contract.  This isn’t only from bed and board, but from the bonds of matrimony, and for the following reasons:

No-Fault (uncontested):

If you have lived separate from your spouse for 18 consecutive months without cohabitation, the court shall grant an absolute decree of divorce at the request of either party. This does not matter if the separation was a voluntary act of one spouse, or if it was mutually consented by each party. Nor does it place fault on either party or both parties.

Fault (contested):

This takes place if one of the parties doesn’t agree on a matter of the divorce. This includes spousal support, child custody, and asset division. There are several different reasons one can file for divorce in Arkansas including:

-Felony Conviction
-Habitual Substance Abuse
-Cruel Treatment
-Cheating (Adultery)
-Irreconcilable Differences
-Incurable Insanity for one year and living apart for one year
-Financial Abandonment

For more information, please watch Kevin’s video on preparing for divorce .

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