Areas of Practice

Divorce and Child Custody Issues

If you have a contested divorce or child custody case, then you need an experienced Arkansas divorce attorney like Kevin to represent your interests. We have handled over 1,100 divorce and custody cases. If you live in Arkansas don’t hesitate to call Kevin if you are going through a divorce or having child custody or child support issues.

Civil Rights Issues

Many times state agencies and related professionals (counselors, psychologists, caseworkers, etc.) overstep their bounds in child protective cases.  If you feel or are certain your civil rights have been violated by DHS, CPS, or other related state agencies, give us a call.  We are on your side and handle civil rights cases in all 50 states.

DHS and CPS Issues

Our firm is passionate about assisting clients that are entangled in the red tape of a DHS or CPS case.  We are experienced in dealing with the Arkansas Department of Human Services and child protective services issues. We will help you if you find yourself in a bind with false allegations, child abuse, child neglect or other areas that fall within this category.